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Experience Bliss... Bambú, The Eco-Salon...Be Our Guest

The Bambú team is to committed to enhancing hair's natural integrity without the use of harmful chemicals that deprive hair of strength and beauty. Personalized precision-cuts with high-definition, natural coloring products leave our guests feeling luxurious long after their Bambú experience. We enlighten our guests with on-going techniques to maintain the salon-look every day.

Bambú..and You

  • Listens to your needs & goals for the present & future
  • Creates a tranquil environment that is pleasing to your senses utilizing scientifically-proven botanical purification techniques
  • Educates with methods to maintain that natural care on a regular basis
  • Enhances your Bambú bliss!

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What is an Eco-Salon?

  • Non-toxic products:
    • Low-to-no Ammonia & Paraben
    • Natural Sulfates
    • Scientifically-engineered with all natural ingredients
    • Vegan & Cruelty free by PETA®
    • Rich in Nutrients, Anti-oxidants, Vitamins, & Amino-Acids
  • Colors containing fruits, dates, coconut & nature-aided ingredients
  • Indoor air purification with the use of detoxing plants
  • Zero-waste & recycling implementation


of a world where your shampoo bottle could be planted to grow a new tree. A world where everyone used haircare products that do not harm themselves, the Earth or our community. Where will your next haircare product bottle will end up. Bambú's current eco-conscious philosophy, mindful product line & responsible recycling is the future.


a world where sustainability is a priority, instead of an afterthought. Where zero-waste practices make landfills a thing of the past. Imagine a salon that envisions a beautiful, waste-free future for our community.


that change can happen; by believing in Bambú, you can BE that change. Supporting a local, green business who believes in creating beauty, without the use of caustic chemicals to protect everyone who walks through their doors and our environment.